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The professionals at Exeter in Devon fireworks displays can create small, intimate fireworks displays, or larger national ones, throughout the year.

They always make sure that the expectations of their clients are exceeded, and that the Exeter firework displays they create are truly unforgettable.

With a comprehensive understanding of the pyrotechnics industry, the fireworks display for Exeter team can service a range of events, including private or corporate events, on small or large scales.

Whatever requirements your event has, they will be pleased to adapt, and provide professional advice throughout. The fireworks display organisers in Exeter provide a range of packages to match different budgets and events.

The professional staff are trained in pyrotechnics, and have access to category 4 fireworks, spectacular fireworks that are only available to industry experts.

Examples of popular fireworks include roman candles, snaps, aerial repeaters, spinners, fountains, firecrackers, wheels, missiles, sparklers and rockets. The pyrotechnicians can advise you on the best ones for a particular display.

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Fireworks display Exeter

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If you're looking for that unique experience for your event, look for Exeter in Devon fireworks displays!

They understand the value of working closely with clients in order to create the best fireworks display for Exeter possible.

In many fireworks displays for Exeter they can set the fireworks to per-recorded or live music, whether it is music of your choice or a musical narrative especially created by the pyrotechnicians for your event.

Besides from musical narratives, fireworks displays for Exeter can have themes, which you can select or suggest.

By looking to experienced specialists, you can be sure that health and safety is always prioritised.

Buying your own fireworks or holding an amateur fireworks display may be cheaper, but they can also be much more dangerous without expert guidance and safety precautions.

The fully insured Exeter fireworks display providers have a thorough understanding of fireworks displays, and the health and safety regulations.

They can make sure that all risks are minimised, so that your Exeter fireworks display is safe and entertaining, giving you extra confidence.

Before the Exeter fireworks display takes place the team will perform a site survey of your venue, and risk assessment as part of a comprehensive planning process.

From there they can plan the safest firing location, and the safest viewing location. After the incredible display has finished, the professionals will clean up the site thoroughly of all fireworks. They'll take care of the hard work for you, and make sure that you can enjoy the incredible display without a worry.

With the knowledgeable technicians, you can be assured that your Exeter fireworks display will be truly unforgettable.

All you have to do is fill in the online form on this page with your contact information and Exeter fireworks display requirements. You'll receive a reply from a knowledgeable customer service adviser, who will help you organise your fireworks display in Exeter.


Do the pyrotechnicians provide low noise fireworks displays in Exeter Devon?

yes, low noise fireworks displays are also provided in some cases. it is always suggested that you check that your selected exeter location allows fireworks displays beforehand. there may be noise restrictions that you will need to be aware of.

What training do the Exeter firework display providers have?

all the fireworks display technicians for exeter are highly trained by the british pyrotechnics association, or bpa. they regularly have training to stay up to date with current industry regulations. you can rest assured that they have full awareness of health and safety regulations, and will make your exeter firework display as safe as possible.

Can the Exeter fireworks display providers work festivals?

the firework display providers in exeter have worked at a large number of events. these include weddings, charity events, corporate events, anniversaries, proms and balls, and club nights this is only a small list of the events that are covered by fireworks display exeter.

Can I select the music at my Exeter fireworks display?

yes, you can select the music you want played throughout your exeter firework display, just let the team know what you want in advance. alternatively, if you dont have any suggestions, the team will be happy to select music suitable for your event. they can create exeter fireworks displays set to music for a truly sensational event.

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